Exponential tech tuesday blockchain Radboudumc

The fifth Exponential TechTuesday was held December 12 with the following speakers:

  • General overview: Don Tapscott (Co-founder and Executive Director at Blockchain Research Institute)
  • Relevance to healthcare: Michael Dillhyon (Founder of Healthbank and Advisor at HealthXL, a global market for healthcare innovations and insights)
  • Usecases in healthcare: Fredrik Öhrn (Senior Innovation Project Manager, The Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital)
  • Emerging tech innovator: Leonard Kish (Co-founder and CEO at YouBase)

This session was moderated by Zayna Khayat (Innovation Sherpa in Chief at REshape Innovation Center, Co-founder of the Health Innovation School)

Replay the webinar:


The GNHIC joined forces with the Innovation Learning Network (ILN) to extend their Virtual TechTuesdays series by adding an “exponential tech Tuesdays” arm. The monthly series will focus exclusively on demystifying key exponentials, and providing training for health systems on how to unleash the potential to impact patients. Each exponential will be examined via a powerful one hour webinar with experts and experienced practitioners from within and outside the GNHIC and ILN networks. Apart from explaining the technology these webinars will  explain why patients and health system players should care, describe relevant use cases and showcase emerging innovators in the field.